Frequently Asked Questions


Learn more about the patented Quick Gourmet® steam bag that lets you

cook quick and easy meals and sides in less than 10 minutes, with no pots to clean.


Why is the Quick Gourmet Steam Bag safe & unique?

They are constructed from a high heat resistant material called polyester which is completely BPA & BPS free and has a temperature range from -40F to 450F. This is the safest structure available for microwave cooking especially when seasoning with oils, butter & sauces. The patented Quick Gourmet steam bag allows pre-seasoning directly in the bag prior to cooking through the re-closable zipper.

Can Quick Gourmet Steam Bags be used in a conventional or toaster oven?

No. Only in a microwave.

Should the patented zipper be closed before cooking?

Yes, the zipper keeps the steam & seasoning flavors from escaping.

Does the bag expand during steaming?

Yes, this is normal.

Do I have to puncture holes in the bag to allow steam to escape during cooking?

No, Quick Gourmet Steam Bags are self-venting through two patented vents located on each side of the bag.

What foods can be steamed in the Quick Gourmet Steam Bag?

Vegetables, boneless chicken, boneless pork, shrimp, fish, and eggs. Please consult our easy recipe page for additional information.

Can beef be steamed in the bag?

Not recommended.

What foods should not be cooked in this bag?

Chicken with bones, Pork with bones, Popcorn, & Teriyaki sauce by itself.

Is the bag safe to use in microwaves that are stronger than 1000W?

Yes. Cooking times will be shorter than lower wattage microwaves.

What should I do if the food is not fully cooked?

Steam further in 30 second increments.

Are Quick Gourmet Steam Bags reusable?

Not recommended due to possible cross contamination especially if cooking meats, shrimp, fish and eggs. Leftover foods can be reheated in the same bags they were cooked in.

Can more than one food type (e.g. vegetables and chicken) be cooked in the same bag?

Yes, select food types and sizes with similar microwave cooking times to ensure even cooking of all foods. Additional information available in the recipe section.

How can I ensure even doneness of food when cooking large servings?

Use the correct size bag for the amount of food you desire to cook.

Lay the Quick Gourmet bag flat on a plate ensuring that the food does not overlap, especially meat. This will provide even cooking.

How long should I leave the bag stand before removing the steamed food?

The food continues to cook for approx. 1 minute after removing from microwave.

What is the average cooking time?

This depends on the quantity and type of food to be steamed and the strength of your microwave. In general, cooking times will vary from 2 to 9 minutes.

I find the zipper difficult to open after the product is cooked what should I do?

Cut the bag open with scissors on an angle upwards from either corner just below the zipper.

Can meals and snacks prepared in Quick Gourmet Steam Bags be frozen?

Yes, meals and snacks can be prepared in advance and frozen until desired use. Remember to add extra cooking time because the food is frozen.

What is the safest method to remove Quick Gourmet Steam Bags from the microwave after cooking?

We recommend standing or laying the bags on a microwave safe plate and using oven mitts to remove the plate and avoid risk of burns.

Are Quick Gourmet Steam Bags recyclable?

Yes, this bag is fully recyclable where facilities exist.

Where are Quick Gourmet Steam Bags sold?

Quick Gourmet bags are only sold through our website.

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