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When our children were younger and participated in numerous sports activities, my wife or I would rush home after each busy day and try to cook a quick healthy dinner. We found this quite stressful since it seemed to take forever to get the water boiling for the potatoes and vegetables, and cooking the meat in the oven or on the BBQ was slow. Often the kids were late for their practices or games by the time we finished eating. So, picking up some fast food on our way home became a convenient option, but not the healthiest.


It was at this point in 2012 that I started to consider how the cooking of most common foods could be reduced to just a few minutes without having to clean dirty pots or pans.  Since my background is in packaging I started working on the idea of a unique microwave steam bag.


After roughly 4 years of research & development and countless hours of kitchen testing, Quick Gourmet® Steam Bags were born. They are the ultimate cooking time saver.


We’re proud to say that we developed a uniquely safe and functional microwave steam bag that’s incredibly practical for busy people. The revolutionary Quick Gourmet® microwave steam bag features a patented re-close able zipper and patented steam vents. The bag is constructed from a unique high heat-resistant material that safely withstands temperatures up to 450ºF. This allows for pre-seasoning with oils, butter or sauces with your food in the bag, prior to steaming. The bag is BPA-BPS free, recyclable & freezer safe.



Our Mission


As a family business located near Montreal, Canada my son and I are thrilled to introduce the convenience, safety, and sustainability that the Quick Gourmet® steam bag offers. We use this bag daily, at home, at the office, and when traveling, and we hope you will also.


We are convinced that you will see how easy it is to use Quick Gourmet® Steam Bags, and allow you to spend less time in the kitchen – and more time with your family or enjoying the activities you like.


We’re honored to go the extra mile for our customers every day with integrity, hard work and honesty.


Chris & François



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